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visual, IA — 2014-15
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An app that plans your weekend.

The problem this app tries to solve is the one most busy individuals and families face every weekend: how to make the best of the coveted free time every week?

I conceptualized and designed it.

It was a personal project, and part of my course on HCI. I looked at this project from the perspective of a product manager and designer, learning how to concieve an idea and create something out of it.

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I conducted semi-formal interview sessions, the aim being to understand how people plan for and spend weekends. This exploratory study suggested that apart from their interests, people watch out for:

- weather,
- discounts and
- travel

In designing for the visuals, my goal was to evoke a sense of relaxation.

To emphasize the idea of weekend through design, I used rejuvenating colors and a friendly vibe. The site is structured to indicate the "anticipatory" and "fun" aspects of weekend.

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