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weekend planner
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An app that plans your weekend.



The problem this app tries to solve is the one most busy individuals and families face every weekend: how to make the best of the coveted free time every week?

I conceptualized and designed it.

While it was a personal project (and part of my course on HCI), I have included it in my portfolio to highlight the way I conceptualized an idea based on business needs. I looked at this project from the perspective of a product manager and designer, learning how to concieve an idea after evaluating current market scenario and recognizing a gap.

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As I started thinking of ideas, the one that seemed untapped was a means to organize entertainment for the weekend. While many professionals and families wait for weekend, and often, create their schedules around weekend plans, there was no easy and obvious was to formalize them. I conducted semi-formal interview sessions with a wide spectrum of users, the aim being to understand how people plan for and spend weekends. This exploratory study suggested that apart from their interests, people watch out for:

- weather,
- cost and
- travel

I also looked at several "similar" apps that created itinerary or helped with travel setups, however, there was no visible application that catered solely to organizing entertainment for weekends. My goal in creating a storyboard was to see how the application could be used by a large spectrum of society. Once I was certain that this idea could serve different types of users, I began designing it.

In designing for the visuals, my goal was to evoke a sense of relaxation.

To emphasize the idea of weekend through design, I used rejuvenating colors and a friendly vibe. The site is structured to indicate the "anticipatory" and "fun" aspects of weekend.

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I did not go beyond the stages of conceptualization, ideation, and design. While this application was not implemented, it was a great learning resource for me. I combined business and market requirements with the possibilities of an idea and had a glimpse into the very first phase of product creation.

In turn, it served as my stepping stone to product design, where I look at products holistically and consider every outlook and limitations while designing them.

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