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2009-11, 2017-2018
content strategy

As a Content Strategist, my role was to ensure that content was relevant, up-to-date, and usable. While at Yahoo!, I architected web content through gap analysis, content inventory, content template, taxonomy, voice/tone guidelines, and iterative reviews.

I also provided all sorts of copy: UX, informal, scholastic, technical, promotional, journalistic.

Evangelizing for content strategy, I established it as part of UX team and was selected to present a paper on it in Yahoo! Techpulse.

2009 - 11
content modernization

As I worked on creation of a help model that made access to help simpler and more contextual, I also began looking at modernizing content in help documents.

I work with writers and editors to simplify documentation through use of personal tone, reduction of text-wall effect, balancing of visual techniques and emphasis on succinct explanations.

In the process, I have been establishing guidelines to modernize content and also refining design of topic pages so that they are easier to read and access.

2017 - 18
Language modernization
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