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A dashboard to manage and view ad and marketing campaigns.


2013 - 14


The aim of this application was to monitor and track ad campaigns so that different stakeholders across several geographical and target areas could be in sync.

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I was the ux and visual designer.

While there was a web dashboard that monitored campaigns, the need was to create a mobile version that was simpler and available on the go. My work with product manager involved not only understanding the scope and reach of the application but also collaborating deeply to iteratively come up with a solution that fit. I also met with business groups to research how they built and launched campaigns. Finally, I had regular discussion with engineering to determine feasibilities and provide specifications.


Several stages of information had to be represented and the chief challenge lay in re-designing all content of the web application to fit the iphone screen. I designed a structure that could be used iteratively, minimized textual overload, and provided visual relief through simple color selections.

The application was both data heavy and action heavy, with several categories like products to campaign for, geo locations targeted, stages of the campaigns, and types of campaigns that needed prominence. Each category required connections that could make any information available via any category.

I created several wireframes with different Information Architecture to analyze the ease of usage and contextuality of each. With each version, I had discussions with Product Managers and Engineering, until finally narrowing down to one that balanced the need to display all data with a clean, and simple interface.

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