User Assistance Model
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UX, research — 2017/18
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user assistance model
A suite of features designed to make help simpler and more usable.


Help has usually been treated as such an after-thought in design that it fails to attract any user attention at all. For extremely complicated products that depend upon documentation to explain and educated, the need is for help that is simple, easily accessible and integral to products.


I am the lead product designer.

I conceptualized the features, evangelized the need, designed them, and was involved throughout the implementation phase. I worked closely with multiple engineering teams, writers, editors, product managers and customer support teams as I conducted research and designed the model.


Research on various help features showed me that there were two main issues with help design: lack of contextuality and forced assistance.

I conducted several rounds of studies with internal stakeholders, customer service and customers to understand their painpoints and when they look for help. I discussed my ideas with several engineering teams, and product managers to consider the feasibilities. Once I had the green signal to begin, I planned the features out in phases based on needs and past escalations.

user assistance
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