neha singh

I am an innovator and problem solver.

With over 12 years of product design experience across consumer, business and exterprise organizations, I have seen how good experiences transform products. My aim with every product I work on is to speak up for the user.

I care deeply for good experiences and have evangelized user-centered design decisions across small and big organizations.

I have worked for—Barnes and Noble, Apple, Yahoo!, MijnAlbum.
Currently, I am a lead product designer and strategist in Juniper Networks.

a little extra
I have two patents pending.
I have been published in A List Apart and UX Booth.
I studied computer science in my pre-professional life and have an MBA.

some more
I enjoy walks in woods, diy projects and kathak (a classical Indian dance).

I sum my mantra with these words from "The Alchemist":
There is only one way to learn. It’s through action.

I can be reached at neha.singh.id@gmail.com or LinkedIn.

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